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The reason of shaft current phenomenon in the DC motor

In the operation of the DC motor, if the use is improper, it will produce the shaft current phenomenon.What are the reasons? Then, I will introduce something about it for you to understand.

1. The DC motor magnetic field is asymmetric.

2. The manufacture and installation are not good, so that the rotor eccentricity causes the air gap irregular.

3. The two semicircle of the detachable stator core have gap.

4. There is harmonic in the current supplied to the DC motor.

5. It is not appropriate to choose the number of pieces of a stator core with a fan-shaped folded shape.


In fact, the reason for the DC motor shaft current may not be just because of the use and installation. But whatever the reason, in order to avoid this phenomenon, first need the correct operation, installation, followed by some maintenance.

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