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The main cause of failure of permanent magnet decelerating motors

In the production process of permanent magnet decelerating motors, it is necessary to fully analyze the bearing capacity. Generally, the design parameters are set well, so the phenomenon of insufficient overload capability will not appear. However, under certain special circumstances, the overload capacity of the permanent magnet decelerating motors will also be affected by other factors.


For example, the temperature is because the resistance value of the enameled wire of the permanent magnet reduction motor is affected by the temperature, and the high resistance value of the temperature becomes large. In summer, due to the high temperature and high resistance value, the permanent magnet motor torque will be too small. On the contrary, the torque of the motor will be too large in winter. In order to ensure the validity of the data during the motor torque test, it is usually in a constant temperature state.


In addition to temperature, grease, gear surface smoothness, rotor magnetization, and noise all affect the load bearing performance of permanent magnet decelerating motorss. The magnitude of the motor torque is usually related to the consistency of the grease. Usually, the consistency of the grease should be controlled under the same conditions as the temperature during the test. However, in order to avoid the motor torque being too small, the consistency of the grease needs to be controlled. Moderate range.

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