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Selection requirements and combinations of small DC deceleration motor

When a small DC geared motor is selected, the speed of the single motor is too high or the torque is too small to meet its needs. At this time, the choice of micro geared motor is the most suitable and most direct solution. Micro geared motors are used in everyday life and are widely used, especially in everyday products.


The small DC geared motor is a mechatronics product consisting of three parts: GA, GB, GE, JB series micro gear reducer, electronic governor and micro motor that can run in reverse direction. Through the different combinations of the three parts, the whole machine can obtain products with different performances. The whole machine can obtain any fixed speed by using the gear reducer, and can also achieve the purpose of stepless speed regulation through the electronic governor.


The motor model of the micro gear motor is a human intelligent life, providing a motor solution. The miniature motor is divided into: miniature AC motor (single phase: 220V, 110V; three phase: 220V, 380V), ZYT (SZ) series Micro DC motor (frame size: 55~110; voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V), WZJ series brushless DC motor. The governor is divided into: TDK series AC electronic governor; WK, SK series DC stepless governor. The speed regulation is stable, there is no creeping phenomenon, and the frequent forward and reverse rotation of the motor can be ensured.

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