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Parallel type voltage-proof circuit operation of circuit breaker operation principle

Parallel type voltage operation "-proof" loops action principle TBJ-proof relay for dedicated, have a voltage to start the relay coil, and a voltage coil. Contact TBJ1, TBJ2, TBJ3, and r series current operations "-proof" loop. Parallel type voltage operation "-proof" circuit tripping and closing coil circuit and circuit breaker auxiliary contact circuits completely separated, and jump start coil, the relay voltage-proof closing relay and auxiliary contacts of the relay circuits. This method is suitable for certain imported switch tripping current is very small or field circuit breaker operation when the coil current is not clear. Also a voltage relay "-proof" loop works was started by trip circuit with diode protection signal and switching circuit for voltage relay and the relay contact TBJ1~3 prior to implementation of the anti-jump function and BCJ contact protection. This method is relatively simple, but can result in tripping and closing secondary circuit pressure drop.

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