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How to do when encountering the phase loss of the DC motor?

If in the static state of the DC motor, the direction is opposite and cancel each other, this phenomenon is called the phase loss. It is a high risk failure. If encountering this situation, how should we deal with it?


1. First of all, we need to check whether the micro DC motor is faulty, check the power circuit has the circuit breakers, whether there is a fuse wire. Then check whether there is the cutoff phenomenon of the  each phase of the three-phase winding.

2. In addition, restart the DC motor. If the motor blocks, cannot start, and hums at the same time, cut off the power in time.

3. Check if the power cable is disconnected.


For the DC motor, any failure will affect the use effect, not to mention the phase loss. If you find this fault in the use, you should take the above measures in time to avoid the danger of expansion.

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