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Explosion-proof ABB-safering institutional motor characteristics

Explosion-proof ABB-safering institutional motor is based on the normal motor structure, to further strengthen the mechanical, electrical and thermal protection measures. To a great extent this type of motor for explosion-proof ABB safety gear avoids the risk of arcs, sparks or high temperatures, and to this extent, to a large extent, guarantees explosion-proof safety Sex.


And on the characteristics of the explosion-proof ABB safety mechanism motor, the first point, in terms of its base, end cover or bearing cap is generally speaking, that is, will be made of high-strength gray cast iron (larger capacity Motor is welded steel plate), in view of this, it is to a large extent it will have sufficient mechanical strength. The outer surface of the base will be cast with axial heat sink, conducive to ventilation and cooling.


The second characteristic of motors used in explosion-proof ABB safety gear is that the stator windings are soaked and baked, that is to say that they have good electrical and mechanical resistance to moisture and have the associated thermal stability. Explosion-proof ABB safety mechanism with the motor shaft is also used in high-quality steel, rotor balance after school, balanced operation.


Explosion-proof ABB-safering institutional motor junction box enclosure rating is IP55, located at the top of the motor, and in which, that is, there will be a larger cavity, to facilitate our wiring. Next, speaking about its way into the line, that is, will be divided into two sub-rubber cables and steel pipe layout.


Explosion-proof ABB safety agencies with the motor into the line, according to different start-up requirements, to a large extent, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to be a brake into an inlet or a double inlet, respectively, for the motor Direct start or Y-Δ start, the junction box cavity and the main cavity of the base is the use of threaded flameproof structure. As a result, that is, to ensure that the electric flameproof performance.

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